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Natalino is Director of Data Science and International lead for Open Source Practices at Teradata. Proficient at defining data-driven applications from inception to production. He has served as Enterprise Architect at ING in the Netherlands and Senior Researcher at Philips.

Natalino has successfully led teams in a number of domains with effective, innovating and reliable solutions. He provides a unique combination of business vision, applied science and engineering skills. All-round Technologist, Product Developer, and Innovator with 19 years track record in research, development and management of distributed architectures, scalable services and data-driven applications.

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Laurent is a tenured faculty member in the UC Berkeley department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 1985, later obtaining his PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University in 1990.

Laurent has spent 3 years working at SAC Capital Management, co–founded SumUp Analytics—which specializes in big data analytics for retail and energy—and Kayrros—a Fintech specializing in Energy markets. He is the recipient of a Bronze Medal for Engineering Sciences from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, as well as a CAREER award, an Okawa research grant, a Google research grant, and the SIAM optimization prize.

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Mustafa is a computational mathematician with experience building state of the art intelligence solutions in both the finance and technology spaces. He currently juggles several titles, including senior associate data scientist at Workday and Director of AI at CBJ Global, where he blueprints and tests investing algorithms. Outside of work hours, he is involved in data science research at UC Berkeley.

At age 20, Mustafa graduated honors from the department of Economics at Berkeley, later obtaining a masters in Financial Econometrics from UChicago. His masters thesis, advised by Economics Nobel Laureate, Lars Hansen, showed that Tweets can be used to forecast live stock price movements.

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With expertise in high performance computing and parallel programming, Ahmed leads the development of large-scale simulation and execution of investment strategies at CBJ Global. He also oversees company operations.

En route to completing his doctorate in Computational Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley by the age of 24, Ahmed obtained Masters' degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Mathematics, and Civil & Environmental Engineering and has made novel contributions to the Civil, Mechanical, and Bioengineering literature through his research.

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Malek is responsible for financial data procurement and management, script optimization, stack and technologies management, and API and front-end development at CBJ Global. His specialty is full-stack software engineering and computing.

Malek studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and spends time in industry as a software engineer at Riviera Partners, where he works on optimizing the company's products' platforms, enhancing developer tools, and developing new internal and external-facing software from the ground up.

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