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Process thousands of invoices, sort through hundreds of accounting records, or generate comprehensive reports in seconds: with modern software tools and cloud computing resources, there's no excuse for having outdated and inefficient systems. The latest computer architecture and engineering enables us, more than ever before, to design streamlined, custom-tailored software tools that can save countless hours and prevent costly human mistakes.

Cloud Web Crawling.


Typically, to search for news related to a given topic—say, Solar Energy Costs—we read articles one by one and take notes. Or we can build intelligent software to do it.

This well-designed software automatically crawls the web and intelligently looks for articles that are relevant to solar energy costs. Just like that, we have summaries, keywords, and important trends such as search frequency and other useful metadata.

We can automatically pull new information hourly with machines running in the cloud. Notifications are pushed directly to your mobile device so you are first to know when important events occur.